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Airplanes of the Luftwaffe

Airplanes had a critical role in the WW2.They were a shild for trops on land or they invaded enemy land trops such as tank,infantry or artilery.
Dornier DO 17
RoleLight bomber
used as anti-shipping attack aircraft
used as a strategic bomber
used as a night fighter
used as glider tug
used as Reconnaissance aircraft
ManufacturerDornier Flugzeugwerke
First flight23 November 1934[1]
Retired15 September 1952 (Finnish Air Force)[2]
Primary usersLuftwaffe
Royal Yugoslav Air Force
Finnish Air Force
Spanish Air Force
Bulgarian Air Force
Number built2,139[3]
VariantsDornier Do 215

Focke wulf FW 190
ManufacturerPrimarily Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG, but also Ago, AradoFieseler, Mimetall, Norddeutsche Dornier and others
Designed byKurt Tank
First flight1 June 1939
IntroducedAugust 1941
Retired1945 (Luftwaffe); 1949 (Turkey)
Primary usersLuftwaffe
Hungarian Air Force
Turkish Air Force
Romanian Air Force
Produced1941–45; 1996: 16 reproductions
Number builtOver 20,000
VariantsTa 152

Heinkel HE 111
RoleMedium bomber
ManufacturerHeinkel Flugzeugwerke
Designed bySiegfried and Walter Günter
First flight24 February 1935
Retired1945 (Luftwaffe)
1958 (Spain)[1]
Primary userLuftwaffe
Number built32 prototype aircraft
12 civilian airliners
808 pre war aircraft
5,656 aircraft (1939–45)
Total: 6,508.[2]
VariantsCASA 2.111

Junkers JU 52
RoleTransport aircraft
Designed byErnst Zindel
First flight13 October 1930 (Ju 52/1m); 7 March 1932 (Ju 52/3m)
Primary userLuftwaffe
Produced1931–1945 (Germany)
1945–1947 (France)
1945–1952 (Spain)
Number built4,845

Junkers JU 87D
RoleDive bomber
Designed byHermann Pohlmann
First flight17 September 1935
Retired1945 (Luftwaffe)
Primary usersLuftwaffe
Regia Aeronautica
Royal Romanian Air Force
Bulgarian Air Force
Number builtEstimated 6,500

Junkers JU 88
RoleDive bomber/Tactical bomber/Night fighter/Torpedo bomber/Heavy fighter
Designed byW. H. Evers and Alfred Gassner
First flight21 December 1936
Retired1951 (France)
Primary userLuftwaffe
Number builtcirca 15,000
VariantsJunkers Ju 188

Messerschmitt BF 109
ManufacturerBayerische Flugzeugwerke
Designed byWilly MesserschmittRobert Lusser
First flight29 May 1935
Retired1945, Luftwaffe
1965, Spanish Air Force
Primary usersLuftwaffe
Hungarian Air Force
Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana
Forţele Aeriene Regale ale României
Number built33,984[1]
Unit cost42,900 RM
(G-6, Erla-Werke, 1943)
VariantsAvia S-99/S-199
Hispano Aviacion Ha 1112

Messerschmitt BF 110
RoleHeavy fighter/Ground-attack aircraft/Fighter-bomber/Night fighter
ManufacturerBayerische Flugzeugwerke
Designed byWilly Messerschmitt
First flight12 May 1936
Retired1945 (Luftwaffe)
Primary usersLuftwaffe
Hungarian Air Force
Regia Aeronautica
Romanian Air Force
Number built6,170 [1

Messerschmitt ME 262
RoleFighter aircraft
First flight18 April 1941 with piston engine
18 July 1942 with jet engines[1]
IntroductionApril 1944[2][3]
Retired1945, Germany
1951, Czechoslovakia[4]
Primary usersLuftwaffe
Czechoslovak Air Force (S-92)
Number built1,430

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